Do You Have to Pay Your Software Vendor Just to Call Them?

There’s no doubt about it—specialized software makes managing a fleet or running a heavy-duty repair shop much easier. The best software includes tools to increase efficiency and simplify everyday tasks such as parts ordering and invoicing. It can be tough to find affordable fleet management software that does everything you need, but it’s not impossible. There’s no need to pay software providers thousands of dollars a year for updates, contract renewals, or even to just call them and ask a question. You just have to shop around a little. It’s worth spending the time to find fleet management or heavy duty repair shop software that’s everything you want without costing an arm and a leg.

The Trend is SaaS

Remember when you’d buy software on a disk from a computer or office supply store? It was a pretty basic way to get a program you needed. The problem was, the more specialized the software, the more expensive it tended to be. Plus, installing and hosting it on-site could cause problems, too. You might need a computer with more space, for example. Or, it could require bringing in someone with more experience than you to set it up properly so that it would work with other software. Then there’s the issue of upgrades as the developer improves the software. How many versions of Windows have there been? Every time a newer, better edition comes out, you’d have to fork over hundreds more to have the best, newest software available.

The answer to all those problems was simple: software as a service, also known as SaaS. Rather than buying one version of heavy duty repair software, for instance, you access the software via the Cloud. Often, you have to commit to a contract, and there can be additional fees for upgrades, maintenance, and technical support. It’s possible to find affordable fleet management software that includes those extras in the price, but be sure to check the agreement to make sure issues like that are spelled out.

Are Heavy Duty Repair Software Contracts Necessary?

Long-term contracts for heavy duty repair software are a great deal for the software vendor, but not necessarily for you. It ensures a big paycheck for them without their having to put much effort into keeping your business. They may offer discounts if you’re willing to commit to more than one year at a time, so it’s possible to save a little money there.

Additionally, most times, the contract spells out which features of the software you get. Even if you hand-pick the features off the provider’s menu, each one increases the price you pay. What’s more, you won’t just pay for the software. You’ll also end up paying an additional annual fee for the privilege of renewing the contract, plus whatever the company charges for upgrades to keep the software up-to-date. And that’s on top of paying even more money for set-up and ongoing technical support. Even if those fees seem reasonable individually, they can add up fast.

Affordable Fleet Management Software Should Include Support

Yes, you read that right: many software contracts don’t cover the costs of setup or technical support. Fleet management and heavy duty repair software are pretty specialized. Your team has to learn how to use the software, not to mention the time it takes to get your shop’s individual info entered in. When you’re shopping around, make sure any affordable fleet management software you’re considering offers those services for no charge.

Get Everything You’re Looking For Without Contracts

Don’t let the way many software providers do business discourage you. It’s possible to find great software that doesn’t require signing a contract. Fullbay is affordable fleet management software based on user, not on how long you commit to a contract or the number of features included. In fact, you don’t have to pick and choose which features you want because, with Fullbay, you get them all. You’ll have the tools to assign and monitor jobs, manage your inventory, track preventive maintenance, and a whole lot more without budgeting for a high-cost contract.

The best part is all the extras you get. Since you won’t be signing a contract, Fullbay stays accountable. With no cushy contract, they have to work for your business each and every month which they do constantly, rolling out new features, updates, and informative webinars for free. Plus, Fullbay builds in your shop’s info to cut down on set-up time. Of course, there’s always a learning curve that takes time in the beginning on both ends, but all the training and tech support you’ll ever need is included for no extra charge. Get the fleet management and heavy duty repair software you’ve always wanted without the risk and cost of a contract. Fill in the form below and start using Fullbay today.